Crunch Your Cooking Fears


Growing up, many of us did not get the opportunity to develop food-preparation skills. Years later, this is still our fate and that of our children. If truth be told, our children do not know anything about food and nutrition nor do they have any food preparation skills. But oh yes! They can certainly tell you about Door Dash and Skip the Dishes.  

“I do not consider myself a food expert. To be honest, I just eat the basic requirement from the food groups to keep myself and my family healthy.

Research has shown that some families do not have a wide range of factors that influence their food choices. Additionally, some families do not like to try new food and basically eat the same food each day. For other families, who are newcomers to Canada, they only eat the same food that they eat back home that they can find at their local grocery store to purchase.  They then rotate these food kinds in their diet each week. For example, for breakfast, they might have bammies or plantain and eggs.


Raise your hand if your child or family members often give you 1 star for your cooking

As it relates to food preparation skills, some families do not like to experiment in this field. For one, they do not love to cook, or they cannot cook. As a result, they might just use the basic ingredients to cook. For example, they may tend to make a lot of soup, stew or other one-pot meals that are often easy to prepare.

To get over your cooking fears and lack of food preparation skills, visit one of Family Studies Food specialist today at our location to discuss your food preparation needs. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you get over your cooking fear:

  • Watch food pre videos
  • Start blogging about my food preparation journey
  • Start experimenting with food from other culture
  • Join online food groups to learn more about food preparation
  • Do more research on food
  • Ask my family to start rating my food pre skills
  • Tune in to different forms of media that advertise and prepare food
  • Invest in a food book that highlights meals from other culture
  • Talk to a food preparation expert
  • Explore, investigate and process information about the benefits of different food groups

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