Are you passionate about teaching and learning?  Do you want to help learners to maximize their learning potential? Are you looking for an innovative, new and fulfilling way to reach even more students online?

Knyabi Innovative Learners’ Franchise is for you!



   This is Your Opportunity

Many people are becoming more knowledgable about the benefits of  online group tutoring. Knyabi Innovative Learners has been gaining traction as a result of this and is one of the online schools that uses a wide range of teaching and learning styles, resources, material and curriculum to help students to achieve academic success.  

We will share all our knowledge in order to ensure that your Knyabi Innovative Learners franchise will be as much of a success as ours. Our experienced and trained educators  and team are here to assist you to help one group of students at a time to maximize their learning potential in a variety of subjects.

Why franchise with us?

We have a blue print online group tutoring outline that is intentionally tailored to help learners at different levels to maximize their learning potential. Most importantly, our mode of teaching will enable learners to experience academic success in all areas of their learning.


Our online group tutoring programs:
-Help to build a healthy competitive spirit and the urge to outdo others.
-Act as added support for their peers
-Improve social skills
-Are more effective and cost-efficient
-Promote collaboration and participation
-Promote collaborative learning
-Build and boost learners’ self-confidence
-Allow students to help each other along the way as they can discuss and solve problems together, which further solidifies their understanding
-Allow students to share their ideas and perspectives to be able to shape and refine their arguments and understanding
-Facilitate the opportunity for students to see how other learners think and solve problems
-Build close net groups that build camaraderie, which helps with better learning.
-Build a healthy competitive spirit and the urge to outdo others.
-Help students to become more focused and keener to learn
-Facilitates structured lessons
Email us at to get started on your franchising journey. 


What’s the Franchise Fee and Royalties?

Our franchise fee is $20,000 Canadian.  Royalties are 7% of the gross sales, which is being invoiced monthly along with 3% towards marketing for Knyabi Innovative Learners.