We are living in an ever-changing world that necessitates the need for learners to develop future ready skills. As the world evolves, so too are our classrooms. Our classrooms today are not what they use to be 30 years ago, and they certainly will not be what they are now 30 years to come. Maybe we will have robots as teacher assistants helping to engaged students in teaching and learning. With that said, we need to equip students with 21st century skills to move successfully into their future as we are living in exponential times. Some of these skills include global awareness, digital citizenship, metacognition, critical thinking, innovation, health literacy to solve problems, apply strategies and design systems understanding of the basic principles of money management and investment.

 It is very important that students are equipped with these skills as jobs that exist today did not exist 50 years ago and jobs that don’t exist now, will exist 20 years to come. Similarly, we must prepare students to find plausible solutions for problems that are not yet in existence.


By Tricia Smith  

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