Parents and Kids Night Out

Family is an exquisite masterpiece of nature. Imagine how rewarding it is when all master pieces come together at Parents and Kids’ Night Out and create a platform where parents and their children can work on a task together to achieve the desired outcome.

Event Description

This 50 minutes session is geared towards each family working towards a fun-filled child-centered goal. These activities vary weekly and might include karaoke, games, preparing healthy snacks, reading, assembling a toy or product or housekeeping 101 activities. There is so much to learn and the place to learn it is here.

There ain’t no better thing to do than spending quality time with your family. 

Event Details

Organizer : Robert Liam

Start Date : 2022-09-25

End Date : 2022-09-25

Time : 7pm - 7:50 pm

Cost : 30

Event Venue

Address : Online

E-mail :