Support. Motivation. Self-confidence

Boosting one’s self confidence is an active process that needs consistent work with the help of a trained individual. This consistent work will bring many benefits to children at home, during play and at school. Most importantly, they will be equipped with the right attitude to later become an empowered and motivated adult. Everyone deserves to feel, look, act, speak and sound confident.                                                                                YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.

Event Description

This is a group class where individuals work with a coach to enhance or develop their self-esteem and set weekly goals through the use of activities such as, public speaking and presentations. This program incorporates various activities that facilitate both adults and children. Whatever your goals are, we will motivate, support and hold you accountable to achieve them.

Event Details

Organizer : Masud Hassan

Start Date : 2022-11-04

End Date : 2022-11-05

Time : 6:00 pm - 6:50 pm

Cost : 60

Event Venue


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